Due to all too available "distractions" I haven't composed a newsletter in years. Please forgive. Meanwhile, please enjoy the pictures from this (Winter Holiday 2012) issue:

The Future beckons with resolutions in many shapes and sizes.

  • This picture of Notre Dame Cathedral (Onze lieve vrouw, 1220-97) through the fog in Bruges(Belgium), was taken on a cold Christmas Eve a couple of years ago. It was a worthwhile cathedral to re-visit, if only to see Michelangelo's Pieta.
  • N. D.Cathedral, Bruges

  • Welcome to my newsletter. Thank you for taking a moment to stop here.

Quote Of This Issue

  • Keeping with the theme of Holidays, here are some quotes about food and shopping, and their authors:
  • It was James Beard, American chef and food writer, who said, "A gourmet who thinks of calories is like a tart who looks at her watch." Never having known any tarts in my life, I'll have to leave the validation of this quote to you...
  • In a similar style, I offer you this second quote, "Shopping with your husband is like hunting with the game warden."
  • I don't know the original author of this quote, though wife, Mardell, does use it at the most inappropriate moments.

  • This is also the season when I try to remember to periodically look upwards, metaphorically or otherwise. The pictures included are instances when I actually did look up, with camera, and am glad I did.

What's Up With Me ...

  • In this newsletter I will attempt to share with you my activities in the areas of music, storytelling, and bamboo flute making. Since my last newsletter, I have received, and been using my new camera lens (Tamron 18-270). The following photo was taken looking up, while on a photo jaunt around the Seattle downtown and waterfront. I hope you enjoy it and the other shots from past travels.
  • Seattle Waterfront

  • As always, please do come to any performance or exhibit I have - would be great to see you.
  • As always(2), do contact me with any requests, questions, or comments.
  • Would also like to hear what you're up to these days.
  • Please send me an email (below).


  • This picture is of the interior of the cathedral at Bayonne, France.
  • Cathedral, Bayonne, France

  • This picture is of a typical Greek church tower taken on the caldera in Santorini.
  • Greek church, Santorini


  • All Comments and ambitions about Music apply to Storytelling as well.

  • This picture was taken on a cold day on the coast of Tuscany near San Vincenzo.
  • nr. San Vincenzo, Tuscany

Flute Making

  • This picture of a church compound was taken in the Alsace, France.
  • Church compound nr. Stras

  • The following calendar info is also on the Flutemaker page of my website.
  • My bamboo flutes are not currently on display, alas!
  • Please call me at (360)477-5511 or Email me with any comments/inquiries you have.

  • This is an altar from a church on the Danube in Hungary.
  • Church altar, along Danube, Hungary


  • Farewell, and thanks for your interest in my newletter.
  • Until our paths cross again, I wish you a "Happy Holidays" with whatever greeting is most meaningful to you, and the Very Best in Everything that touches your life.